Indy Swag at Comic-Con


It’s not often we’ll report on swag, but it’s been so long since free exclusive Indy merchandise has made its way to fans, we figured it was worth a mention.

Available at the Paramount booth are two cool items, an Indy poster with various depictions by artist Drew Struzan and a nice Marshall College Department of Archaeology t-shirt that’s printed right on the spot! The poster is a quick pick – the shirt you’ll have to wait in line for.

Those who attended Paramount’s panel Thursday afternoon also received a great large foldout booklet with more artwork by Struzan and the promise that Indy returns Memorial Day, 2008! Gotta love that Comic-Con swag!

UPDATE: In addition to the above, there was a second poster handed out featuring the new homepage graphic and a Hasbro exclusive gold coin!


One Response to Indy Swag at Comic-Con

  1. Mark Newbold says:

    How do we get the swag here in the UK? That looks amazing, LOVE the new promo artwork, fantastic stuff.

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