Vader Manages Rock Band

October 9, 2007

While the Sex Pistols had Malcolm McLaren to keep Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious in line, looks like Welsh rock band Losing Sun has Darth Vader to contend with on the tour bus.

Actor David Prowse (who played Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy), has agreed to manage the band.

“If my friends had said to me years ago that Darth Vader is going to manage our band I would have never believed it,” laughed drummer Jayce Lewis. “He’s brought stacks of experience and enthusiasm to the band and is so driven,” he added.

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Star Wars actor backs Welsh rock band

Stormtroopers Invade Weird Al Concert

September 24, 2007

(photo by Bob DeSimone)

A recent concert review in New York Magazine reveals that our favorite comedian/singer/curly-haired god — Weird Al — invited the Empire City Garrison of the 501st Legion which included a Darth Vader, two sandtroopers and 10 stormtroopers to come up on stage with him — impressing fans including this music critic!

The evening’s undeniable highlight was the half-hour mash-up of Al’s best-loved song parodies — yep, he played “Eat It.” “Amish Paradise” too — culminating in “The Saga Continues,” his Star Wars–themed version of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” for which he was flanked by Darth Vader and eight dancing Stormtroopers. Even some girls enjoyed it!

Read the full review here:
‘Weird Al’: Still Great! (via New York Magazine)

Be sure to check out our own interview with Weird Al about his love for Star Wars here on
“Weird Al” — Nerdy Something

Dark Side Box Music

September 6, 2007

Blogged from The Burnkit 2600 — Circuit Bent Instrument Gallery — is this awesome hack of a retro Star Wars toy with such modifications as input and output jacks, mic/input selector, pitch and distortion controls.

This Darth Vader pitch-shifting device makes your voice sound like a Sith Lord’s. The Dark Side Box creates great, growling, pitch shifted sounds of whatever source you input. It has three Darth Vader samples, tiny mic, speaker and volume control.

The Dark Side Box was used to process the analog sounds of an old Univox drum machine. The result was really distorted; I especially like the pneumatic piston-type sounds that were added in the second half of the sample.

Check out the MP3 sample here:
Dark Side Box

New Record Brings Balance to the Wu-Tang Clan

July 25, 2007

It’s been six long years since the Wu-Tang Clan has released an album, but frontman RZA says even though the crew may have been scattered around thanks to solo projects — RZA scored the Kill Bill movies, Ghostface Killah released a solo CD, Method Man joined the cast of “The Wire” and starred in Garden State and Soul Plane — as well as the unfortunate passing of founding member Dirty Ol’ Bastard — they are back with a new release The 8 Diagrams — due to hit shelves this fall.

In an interview in Entertainment Weekly magazine (July 27, 2007), RZA says:

“It was difficult getting everybody together!” RZA says. “[We recorded] rough beats and cuts that’ll make you want to jump around. Brothers put in a really good energy this time. It’s like the old Luke Skywalker story. We [just] needed to bring balance to the Force.”

Check out RZA on Myspace here. And read news about the new record here at the official Wu-Tang Clan site.

Celebration Europe: Battle of the Bands

July 15, 2007

[splashcast YDQJ9414KW]

It’s not every day fans get to see an Elvis impersonator take on a death metal band as they sing songs about the Empire. Darth Elvis and Anchorhead hit the stage to compete for the coveted Bith trophy in the Battle of the Bands at Celebration Europe. While both rocked the stage and entertained the audience with their own renditions of Star Wars tunes, only one would be chosen as the fan favorite.

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The Replacements in Synch with Star Wars

June 20, 2007

Synching up Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon while watching the film The Wizard of Oz to see if certain film scenes and song lyrics make sense is an old pastime for those us searching for hidden messages in the yellow brick road, but what secrets lurk in the trenches of the Death Star?

Florida fan James Greene, Jr. has been watching the saga  simultaneously with albums from the Beastie Boys, Green Day, Blondie, Bad Religion, Meat Loaf, The Damned, Dr. Dre, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Public Enemy, and of course, Pink Floyd. After each test, he details exactly where the albums synch up with various Star Wars film scenes, and explains why certain albums seem to work better than others, on his blog — The Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project.

One album that seems to have some of the most in-synch moments just so happens to be The Replacements’ alt-rock/country classic Hootenanny — in no less than 17 spots!

Here are a few moments that matched up the best with the A New Hope:

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The SPACEYS Awards Highlights

June 18, 2007


The SPACEYS turn five! Presented by the Canadian cable network SPACE: The Imagination Station, the awards are broken down in the areas of sci-fi, fantasy and horror films, television series and video games. Instead of some boring old awards show, SPACE gives the awards to the winners visiting them on the set of their latest production and encourage the winners to have fun as they accept the award or announce other winners.

Among the video highlights:
+ Ironically, Kevin Spacey wins a SPACEY!
+ The original Star Trek’s George Takei beams in a viewer’s choice award.
+ David Hewlett (“Stargate Atlantis”) freaks out!
+ Plus our own Star Wars Rocks interviewees Masi Oka, Simon Pegg, Michael Rosenbaum make an appearance!