Star Wars Galaxies Celebrates Life Day

December 12, 2007

Your name doesn’t have to be Lumpy for you to celebrate all that Life Day has to offer. Star Wars Galaxies gamers will have even more to enjoy this year as they celebrate Life Day across the galaxy in mid-December. Major cities in the galaxy will light up with the dazzling glow of the gigantic Wroshyr Tree, which offers gifts to all who visit it. This year’s celebration will feature an incredible visual spectacle centered on the tree itself with its dazzling display of light effects and beautiful holiday melodies performed by the Figrin D’an band. There’s even recipes for Wookiee Cookies and Hoth Chocolate! Yum!

Check it out here:
Star Wars Galaxies Celebrates Life Day

Star Wars Galaxies Cut Footloose

October 18, 2007

What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies? They dance! Dance like they’ve never danced before to the musical stylings of Kenny Loggins. That’s what!

Watch your favorite Star Wars: Galaxies characters reenact dance moves from the last scene in the ’80s classic teen flick Footloose!

Check out the fancy digital footwork here:
Footloose (Star Wars Galaxies)

Renegade Squadron Launch Party!

October 4, 2007

In honor of the launch of Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and the Sony Star Wars Battlefront PSP Entertainment Pack, Sony and LucasArts are throwing a launch party at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco that’s open to the public!

Next Tuesday, Oct. 9, starting at 6pm, at the Sony PlayStation Store at the Metreon (101 4th Street, San Francisco, CA) we’ll be celebrating, Star Wars style!

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