Don’t know the Gorn?

October 1, 2007

Any “Star Trek” fan who watched the “Arena” episode that aired Jan. 19, 1967, knows the Gorn and that he nearly killed Capt. Kirk on an uninhabited asteroid. So when Gorn actor Bobby Clark arrived to sign autographs at the Salute to Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica & Star Wars Convention in Sacramento, Calif, he was ready with a pen and answers for questions asked by his legions of fans.

From the Sacramento Bee:

No one appeared to be wearing a Gorn costume, but for $20 bucks a pop, the man who donned that green rubber reptilian get-up 40 years ago autographed photos and shared stories of the fateful episode. He told a man wearing a “Kirk-Spock ’08” T-shirt how hot it was inside that rubber costume. He described the difficulty of running around in those monster feet.

“You’re an icon, you know that? He’s such an iconic image from the original ‘Star Trek,’ ” a young man exclaimed, as he selected a picture for the Gorn to autograph. The now-beaming Gorn penned his signature in silver: “To David” and from “The Gorn Captain.”

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Don’t know the Gorn? ‘Trek’ fans will help

GenCon 2007 Recap

August 21, 2007

Blogger and Star Wars RPG designer Sterling Hershey gives us a recap from this year’s gaming convention GenCon (August 16-19, 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana) in his blog Delusions of Grandeur.

Get the scoop on all the big announcements as well as his take as an insider on why you should care.

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