Rebelscum Japan Launched

January 21, 2008


Our friends over at have just launched an all-new site dedicated to Japanese Star Wars collecting, posting an informative tutorial on the history of the hobby in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here’s a bit of the intro:

In 1978, turmoil from a galaxy far, far away finally reached the big screens in Japan. Tickets were selling by the thousands, and in every big city everyone was talking about the new Star Wars movie. The stage had been set for a new promotional era in Japan. The first company to realize this potential was Coca Cola. They had devised an ingenious marketing plan that not only boosted sales, but also began a race for toy products throughout Japan. They began advertising new bottle caps which would contain a small vinyl picture of characters and scenes from the movie. There would be 50 designs total. There were even 3 color variations which included a gold background, a silver background, and a pink strip design. It seemed the collecting and trading, among the anxious consumers was endless.

Read the entire article here. As big fans of Japanese Star Wars collectibles, this is one we’ll be watching!

Catching up on Star Wars Insider

January 20, 2008

Red and Jonny checking out their profile in Star Wars Insider.

Check out their photos on Flickr:

Star Wars Guide to the Candidates

January 18, 2008

For those of you who think it might be fun to vote based on random connections between presidential candidates and Star Wars characters — here’s the Mighty Rex Star Wars Guide to The Candidates.

Utinni Ick!

January 17, 2008

R2-D2 Car on ZapRoot

January 16, 2008

While watching the cool environmental vlog ZapRoot, we couldn’t help but notice the snarky host Jess giving props to the R2-D2 Obi Shawn car that many Star Wars fans see pop up at various conventions like Comic-Con and Celebration.

VIDEO: ZapRoot 020 | Clean Coal Greenwashing

Star Wars Fans Invade “American Idol”

January 16, 2008

Two rather unique versions of Princess Leia showed up on “American Idol” this week to amuse judges with their love for Star Wars. Fan Christina Tolisano paid tribute to Leia by wearing her hair in the classic buns style, while a male fan showed off his “assets” dressed in the rather drafty Slave Leia bikini costume. While their singing didn’t wow the judges, their passion for Star Wars left a memorable impression.

VIDEO: Christina Tolisano’s audition on “American Idol”

VIDEO: Man Leia on “American Idol”

Worth1000 Mashes Star Wars… Again

January 16, 2008

It’s the Photoshop well that just keeps giving. The folks at Worth 1000 put the call out for sprinking sci-fi into non-sci fi movies, and Star Wars is definitely well represented, nosing its way into Alexander, Easy Rider, Wallace and Grommit and, as you can see below, The Godfather.


For more of the hijinks, check out Worth 1000. (Via Clubjade).

YTMND: Obey Hypno Leia

January 7, 2008

“I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you do as I tell you. Okay?”

Click here to Obey Hypno Leia.

Jedi Jardin and Steambots

January 7, 2008

BoingBoing TV vlogger/journalist Xeni Jardin continues her lightsaber training while visiting LA Jedi Bootcamp, and droid maker I-Wei shows off his latest steampunk robots!

VIDEO: BBtv: Jedi Xeni/Steam-Powered Robots

And don’t miss our exclusive interview with I-Wei about his steam-powered R2-D2 here:
Creating R2-S2 (Steampunk R2-D2)

Personalize Your Stargate Atlantis

January 2, 2008

Write your own snarky messages embedded into a choice of video clips from “Stargate Atlantis” here.

I chose this opportunity to plug my craft projects on and hint for a raise, but you can write whatever you want — insert inside jokes, post meeting reminders or ask out someone on a date! The choice is yours.