Lucas Talks Young Indy

October 22, 2007

The Indiana Jones adventure George Lucas is most proud of is a short-lived TV series from the early ’90s. Here in the this feature interview in LA Times, Lucas and producer Rick McCallum chat about “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” and its extensive DVD release — a lavish, three-volume library of DVDs with a staggering number of extras, including 94 highly polished documentaries on famous people and moments in history.

Lucas persuaded Paramount and ABC to let him make “Young Indiana,” which was filmed in unprecedented ways.

“They let me do it and do it in the way I wanted to do it,” he said. “The main thing I was really after was to see how many shows I could get done before they woke up and said enough is enough. And, you know, we managed to get 44 hours of material out there. I felt grateful I got as much done as I did.”

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Return to Indy’s youth

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