Star Wars LEGO Contest Picks Up Steam

January 8, 2008

Star Wars steampunk aficionados, crack out those old LEGO sets with helicopter propellers, domed canopies, harpoons, gears and other Victorian accoutrements – the From Bricks to Bothans Forums has announced a “Steam-Wars Contest” and is giving away some great LEGO Star Wars sets for prizes.

To get an idea of what Star Wars steampunk might look like, check out some of the photos posted at the WIRED Blog Network.

Better hurry – contest ends January 31st!

Thanks to for the heads up!

Giant LEGO R2-D2

January 1, 2008

If you had enough giant LEGO bricks what would you build? One fan decided to make an 8-foot tall R2-D2 complete with blinking lights and sound effects sampled from the films.

According to

Built by official LEGO Master Model Builder Dan Steinenger with the assistance of a bunch of visiting kids, the giant R2 unit was assembled as part of the recent Festival of the Masters event at the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida.

Watch the video of the Giant LEGO R2-D2 in action.


Make Your Own Mouse Droid

December 26, 2007

Robot master and Weekend Projects vlogger Bre Pettis shows us how to make a mouse droid using spare parts. Okay, actually it’s called Mousey the Junkbot, but close enough.

Check out the video here.

DIY Star Wars Character Dolls

December 18, 2007

Using Star Wars characters masks downloaded from, craftster Heidi Kenney from the blog My Paper Crane, made some rather cute Star Wars dolls.

Check them out here.

Also be sure to check out these Super Deformed Dolls on

SOURCE: Craft magazine

Gingerbread TIE Fighter

December 3, 2007

For those of you holiday chefs out there, instead of making the traditional house, how about a Gingerbread TIE Fighter?

A fan made one and put all his photos on how to do it up on Flickr here: Gingerbread TIE Fighter

Wired Explores the Working X-Wing

November 27, 2007

(photo by Embry Rucker)

As previously reported, rocket enthusiast Andy Woerner and friends launched a 21-foot solid-fuel X-wing rocket on October 10 in California. The X-wing features a 19-foot wingspan and S-foils that actually lock into attack position after launch!

More than a month after the exciting event, Wired magazine takes a closer look at this fan’s mission to make the ultimate working model.

…Seconds after liftoff the fighter pitched wildly and blew up – just like Red 10. And Red Leader. And Biggs (poor Biggs). The wings, built to the proportions of the model, just couldn’t take the force. “We were afraid the wing panels would fold up,” Woerner admits. On the bright side, prior to its flight to oblivion, young Rebels got to clamber around the cockpit. “We do this for the kids,” Woerner says. Because, you know, it’s not like these guys are geeks or anything. By the way, the club’s next project: a Klingon D7 Battle cruiser. And if this one blows up, well, that’s how the Klingons like to go out, anyway. K’plah!

Read the story here:
Star Wars-Obsessed Rocket Geeks Build and Launch an X-Wing Fighter

R2-D2 Painted Ornament Makeover

November 21, 2007

Found this completed craft on! This is a great idea for those of you who want to jazz up (or droid up) plain round tree ornaments for the holidays.

More info here.

Master Yoda…Pizza?

November 20, 2007

Artist Rama Hughes makes us hungry with his edible tribute to Master Yoda. We can’t help but drool over his Yoda pizza made from olives, broccoli, feta cheese, cauliflower, mushrooms, cheese and sauce. His brother whipped up an impressive Darth Vader pizza pie as well!

Check out the pizzas here:
Yoda Pizza
Darth Vader Pizza

SOURCE: Craft magazine

Outer-space Women’s Day Station

November 19, 2007

Ron Salvatore writes about the “Outer-Space Station” craft featured in Women’s Day magazine in 1978. Lucky for you, he also links to instructions on how to make this magnificent play set!

The entire set includes a park with a drawbridge and an abstract piece of sculpture; a rocket launch platform with a retractable roof; a conveyor belt that moves via a hand crank; a living area, including a working elevator and trick staircase; a spring-loaded personnel launcher that “catapults figures into space”; a solar power unit featuring a mass of plastic aquarium tubing; and, perhaps coolest of all, a monorail, that symbol of ’70s futurism, made from a soda bottle and a six-foot length of aluminum shelving bracket. Fully assembled, this thing is large, colorful and filled with action features–it’s pure toy bliss.

Read the full article here:
Outer-space Women’s Day Station

Download the craft instructions here.

May the Truck Be With You

November 14, 2007

This Star Wars truck has clearly gone to the dark side… and we’re impressed!