Star Wars Guide to the Candidates

January 18, 2008

For those of you who think it might be fun to vote based on random connections between presidential candidates and Star Wars characters — here’s the Mighty Rex Star Wars Guide to The Candidates.

Utinni Ick!

January 17, 2008

Worth1000 Mashes Star Wars… Again

January 16, 2008

It’s the Photoshop well that just keeps giving. The folks at Worth 1000 put the call out for sprinking sci-fi into non-sci fi movies, and Star Wars is definitely well represented, nosing its way into Alexander, Easy Rider, Wallace and Grommit and, as you can see below, The Godfather.


For more of the hijinks, check out Worth 1000. (Via Clubjade).

Star Wars Round-Up from Latest Toyfare

January 14, 2008

On newsstands now is Toyfare #127, sporting a Heroes cover with toy-versions of Claire Bennet and Sylar. Inside, you’ll find some Star Wars love in the form of a sneak preview of the forthcoming Star Wars Evolutions sets, and a feature article (Star Wars: The Next Generation) spotlighting the coolness that is Star Wars: Legacy, and all the toy-etic characters within.


Our favorite bit this issue, though, has got to be the Little Orphan Ani comic strip.

Jedi Jardin and Steambots

January 7, 2008

BoingBoing TV vlogger/journalist Xeni Jardin continues her lightsaber training while visiting LA Jedi Bootcamp, and droid maker I-Wei shows off his latest steampunk robots!

VIDEO: BBtv: Jedi Xeni/Steam-Powered Robots

And don’t miss our exclusive interview with I-Wei about his steam-powered R2-D2 here:
Creating R2-S2 (Steampunk R2-D2)

YTMND: Vader Loves Christmas

December 22, 2007

One-note? Sure. But it’s a good one.


(Via ClubJade).

Stormtroopers Arrest Santa

December 16, 2007

Report from

SANTA’S FACTORY, North Pole (Agencies) – An Imperial Stormtrooper commando broke into Santa’s Factory in the North Pole yesterday evening, killing an undetermined number of elves, arresting the owner and confiscating his sled. Joe Kwazansky, local spokesman for the Evil Galactic Empire in Los Angeles, appeared in a press conference this morning confirming the rumors of an Imperial takeover of Christmas’ celebrations. “The Emperor wants to assure His subjects that Xmas will continue as planned. The pug-nosed fatso, however, will pay for his crimes,” Mr. Kwazansky said amidst the palpable shock in the press corps. Apparently, the arrest has occurred in connection with earlier reports on the manufacturing and stealth placement of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Read full story here:
Imperial Stormtroopers Arrest Santa, Emperor to Take Over Xmas

Gizmodo, Club Jade

LANDO Shaft Poster

December 14, 2007

Star Wars artist Matt Haley pays tribute to Lando Calrissian with his take on the classic Shaft movie poster. Bravo.


For No Reason

December 13, 2007

This was sparked by a conversation that wandered into a strange tangent.


Okay. Move along. Move along.

RiffTrax Does the “Star Wars Holiday Special”

December 12, 2007

Somehow watching Ackmena — the night-time bartender of the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine — yell at the band and patrons for not leaving in the “Star Wars Holiday Special” is a heck of a lot funnier when Mike Nelson and the Rifftrax gang shout out comments.

Check out the video preview here.

Read more about Rifftrax here.