Kristen Bell: “I Love Nerds”

August 24, 2007

(photo by Michael Tran/

The former “Veronica Mars” actress Kristen Bell talks with Entertainment Weekly about her upcoming role in “Heroes,” Judd Apatow’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Star Wars cinematic love letter Fanboys.

So tell us about Fanboys.
These Star Wars nerds drive cross-country to break into George Lucas’ ranch and steal a print of [The Phantom Menace] so that their friend with a terminal illness can see it before it comes out.

You sort of have fanboys of your own. Are you happy about that?
I’m really flattered. I love nerds. Comic-Con junkies are the tastemakers of tomorrow. Isn’t that funny? The tables have turned. They’re a fiercely intelligent audience, which makes filmmakers want to please them. But I’m looking for the fangirl to come out of her shell a little, to be more accepted.

All right, you’ve held out long enough: What’s up with “Heroes?”
I’m on a sugar high, to be totally honest. For me, starting a new project is kind of like switching high schools — that feeling of excitement and nerves. And because everyone is so nice and I know so many people involved, I feel like I’m switching high schools — but one that a lot of my friends have already transferred to.

Read the entire interview here in Entertainment Weekly:
Kristen Bell: Life After ‘Mars’

Blade Runner: The Final Cut – and a Sequel?

July 28, 2007


It’s no surprise that many fans of the Star Wars movies have also come to admire another seminal film in the science fiction-fantasy genre: Blade Runner. After all, both feature Harrison Ford as a lead character, include dazzling special effects, and are considered important and influential works of cinema. What’s more, both have aged amazingly well.

Like Star Wars, Blade Runner is celebrating an anniversary of its own this year – its 25th – and Warner Bros. Home Video is marking the occasion with an unprecedented DVD release that will include no less than five versions of Blade Runner as it’s evolved through the years, including director Ridley Scott’s definitive “Final Cut”.

Director Scott shared the stage of Hall H Friday with several people from Blade Runner’s cast and crew to discuss this monumental DVD release (on December 18) and theatrical re-release (LA, NY October 5), along with some factoids dropped by DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika. Scott also hinted at the possibility of a Blade Runner sequel – read on for some edited highlights…

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Lucasfilm’s Comic-Con Indy Preview Now On

July 27, 2007

As shown during the Lucasfilm presentation today hosted by Steve Sansweet, the exclusive sneak peek prepared by Steven Spielberg for the Comic-Con audience is now on the Official Indiana Jones website.




Star Wars at 30: Lucasfilm Presentation

July 27, 2007

5:11 John Williams’ Star Wars score blasts through Hall H, met now by the customary hoots and hollars of the Comic-Con crowd.

5:13 Lights dim… retrospective video begins, a combination of footage from Episode IV, and footage celebrating its original release in 1977. Fans attending the Mann’s Chinese theater footprints ceremony. Footage than jumps forward to the prequel trilogy. Rose Parade footage and Celebration IV and all the latest developments in the saga, from The Force Unleashed, to, Robot Chicken, Clone Wars and more. The montage ends the now familiar message, Star Wars is Forever.

5:15 Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm’s head of Fan Relations takes the stage. He thanks the fans, particularly the worldwide 501st, “Attracted 32,000 people in London. This year has been one big party, planned by fans, run by fans, and I’m very happy to say overrun by fans!”

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Hasbro’s Indy Collection

July 27, 2007

The program guide may say Star Wars day, but the man with the hat is making a big splash at Comic-Con. As part of today’s Hasbro presentation. Created by the same team responsible for the Star Wars line of toys and figures, Hasbro’s Indiana Jones toyline will celebrate all four Indy movies. On display at their booth was just a taste of the classic assortments, with 3 3/4″ figures and the “Galactic Heroes”-style cutesified pairs for fans of all ages.


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Star Wars Day Report: Publishing Panel

July 27, 2007

Publishing Horizon
Keith Clayton began with a quick tour of the publishing horizon from Del Rey. The Legacy of the Force series continues with the sixth installment, Inferno in September, with Fury following up in December. The last two books in the series come out in Spring and Summer of 2008. “It’s going to be a strong, powerful finish with Invincible,” said Clayton.

In October, the Death Star novel by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves tells “the ongoing politics of its creation, and everything leading up to its destruction.” In November, Karen Traviss’ third Republic Commando, True Colors comes out, with a fourth one — yet untitled — in the summer of 2008.


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Indy Swag at Comic-Con

July 26, 2007


It’s not often we’ll report on swag, but it’s been so long since free exclusive Indy merchandise has made its way to fans, we figured it was worth a mention.

Available at the Paramount booth are two cool items, an Indy poster with various depictions by artist Drew Struzan and a nice Marshall College Department of Archaeology t-shirt that’s printed right on the spot! The poster is a quick pick – the shirt you’ll have to wait in line for.

Those who attended Paramount’s panel Thursday afternoon also received a great large foldout booklet with more artwork by Struzan and the promise that Indy returns Memorial Day, 2008! Gotta love that Comic-Con swag!

UPDATE: In addition to the above, there was a second poster handed out featuring the new homepage graphic and a Hasbro exclusive gold coin!

Indy Cast and Crew Chime in for Comic-Con Greeting

July 26, 2007


Comic-Con attendees filled the jam-packed Hall H today in San Diego for a glimpse at a few new productions on deck for release in the coming years, including Iron Man, Star Trek, Spiderwick Chronicles, and yes, the new Indiana Jones! Some of the cast and crew from the Indy set made a live appearance via satellite, and even introduced a new cast member familiar to all Indy fans – click below for a brief transcript of the presentation:

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Paramount Pictures Presentation (Short Attention Span Edition)

July 26, 2007

In order of presentation…


Hot Rod (Coming August 3, 2007).On stage, the Lonely Island trio of Andy Samburg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. “It’s like an SNL Digital Long,” compared director Schaffer, citing their well known SNL shorts when asked about the filmmaking process. “There were many things that are different, but we were surprised by how often it was the same as three dudes in their apartment with a video camera.” For fans of their online shorts, a final chapter of “The Bu” may someday see the light of day. “We’re thinking maybe when we’re 50, we’ll do an old version of us completing the Bu,” says Samburg.

The Clip: Samburg, as Rod Kimble, blows off steam in the woods with an impassioned gymnastics/dance routine that puts Kevin Bacon to shame. Until he stumbles and falls down what appears to be the world’s longest hill. Funny stuff.

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It’s a Set Up!

July 26, 2007

Before preview night on Wednesday, there was already plenty to see Star Wars-wise (and a bit Indy-wise) as the pavilion was being constructed and licensees prepped their booths. Check out the short video below for a Star Wars warm-up of things to come at this year’s Comic-Con International.

[splashcast FHFK2773ND]