Chewie Shows His PSP Love at E3

July 11, 2007

Bringing new meaning to “Let the Wookiee win” Chewbacca showed his love for the new Star Wars-themed PSP and promoting the Star Wars Battlefront pack, which includes a white PSP with none other than Darth Vader’s image on the back.

Joystiq reports directly from E3:

“We’re also offering another color, and I’ve brought a special person to help introduce this color. Ladies and gentlemen, Chewbacca!” Chewbacca enters stage right to the score of Star Wars. Wookiee banter fills the auditorium. He’s holding a Star Wars-themed PSP…Jack and Chewy go back and forth — it’s endearing.

“Thanks for joining us Chewie, I know you’ve come a long way, and I see you’ve got your Sony PSP Battlefront Pack with you. It’s a white PSP that features Darth Vader’s image on the front.” Chewie ROARS! “No Chewie, you can’t have that one for free, but you will be able to buy it soon.” We’d love to know what else is new with this PSP (faster UMD drive?). Guess we’ll have to wait…

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