Russell Walks to Illustrate Indy Promos

January 17, 2008


According to, fans will soon see a lot of Indiana Jones promotional artwork coming from Russell Walks, an artist who Star Wars fans may recognize from the Star Wars Celebration Art Shows and the Topps Galaxy trading card series. For Indy, it looks like Walks will be illustrating for Dr. Pepper, Kellogg’s, and others.

His work for the film includes a life-size cardboard standee of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones – yes, the one featuring an expression with “slight undertones of happiness.” Using promotional shots provided by LucasFilm and poses from members of his fan base, Walks created the piece after a little bit of struggle, mostly with those slight undertones.

He did 10 or 15 sketches until he was finally satisfied with the expression. From there he did a value drawing, with a full range of tonal values in black and white. Walks usually prefers to hand paint his artwork, but because of the tight deadlines on the “Indiana Jones” project, he did most of the color in Adobe Photoshop, then added brush strokes and “the twinkle in (Ford’s) eye.”

Check out the full story here, and learn more about the artist in’s official artist profile.

Drew and Christian Struzan Unveil 80th Oscar Poster

January 16, 2008

80thposter reports today that Drew Struzan, creator of countless illustrations gracing both Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters and products, has teamed up with son Christian to devise the stunning artwork for the 80th Annual Academy Awards poster. Here’s more from the site:

The official poster of the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences’ 80th Academy Awards® features the iconic Oscar glowing among bright lights against a black background.

Capturing the allure and excitement of the Oscars®, the design was originally conceived by legendary motion picture poster illustrator Drew Struzan and executed by his son, Christian.

It appears the poster itself is available for pre-order from the site so if you’re a fan of Struzan’s work, this will definitely be one you’ll want to pick up!

Read more about it here!

Indy Teaser Poster Now Online

December 10, 2007, the official Indiana Jones website, has posted the teaser poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Indy rides again on May 22. For more updates as we count down to the big day, keep checking

You can also buy the teaser poster here.

Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?

November 26, 2007

According to “The fabled Ark of the Covenant may not be in some nondescript crate in a massive US government warehouse but rather in the small Ethiopian town of Aksum where it is guarded by a virgin monk who can never leave the chapel where it sits. And nobody else can see it either. Smithsonian magazine sent Paul Raffaele to investigate.”

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Indiana Jones on Myspace

November 1, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theaters May 22, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to buddy up to Dr. Jones. Now for you social networking kids, Indiana Jones is officially on Myspace. So be sure to friend him now before Short Round makes it to his Top 10 Friends List.

Check out the official Indiana Jones profile on Myspace here.

Indiana Jones: That’s a Wrap!

November 1, 2007

Principal photography has ended on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and director Stephen Spielberg raises a glass to cast and crew in a toast. Take a look at the latest video clip that pays homage to the wraps of all the Indy movies in the VIDEO section of the newly redesigned

Chewie O’ Lantern

October 31, 2007

Even more Halloween tributes to Star Wars can be found in pumpkin form on We were extremely impressed by Chewbacca! There are cool Darth Vader and Yoda too.

And of course, a nice trubute to Indiana Jones!

Lucas Talks Young Indy

October 22, 2007

The Indiana Jones adventure George Lucas is most proud of is a short-lived TV series from the early ’90s. Here in the this feature interview in LA Times, Lucas and producer Rick McCallum chat about “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” and its extensive DVD release — a lavish, three-volume library of DVDs with a staggering number of extras, including 94 highly polished documentaries on famous people and moments in history.

Lucas persuaded Paramount and ABC to let him make “Young Indiana,” which was filmed in unprecedented ways.

“They let me do it and do it in the way I wanted to do it,” he said. “The main thing I was really after was to see how many shows I could get done before they woke up and said enough is enough. And, you know, we managed to get 44 hours of material out there. I felt grateful I got as much done as I did.”

Read the full LA Times article here:
Return to Indy’s youth

Also be sure to read all about the Young Indiana Jones DVD box set here.

Indy Theft Recalls Star Wars Incident in ‘77

October 4, 2007


Unless you’re living in a Chachapoyan cave you’ve probably heard that a bunch of production materials — photos, computers, etc. — from the new Indy movie were stolen recently. While this story seems to be wrapping up with the apparent apprehension of a suspect, it does recall a similar incident that occurred back in 1977 before Star Wars was released.

During Easter weekend (April 9-10) in 1977, someone broke into publicist Charles Lippincott’s Star Wars Corp. office on the Universal Studios lot and allegedly stole hundreds of Star Wars transparencies and framed reproductions of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept artwork for the movie. On that same weekend, there was a break-in at Industrial Light & Magic’s Van Nuys studio where at least one model was stolen (reports vary on the actual number taken).

Unlike the recent Indy incident, the Star Wars merchandise was never fully-recovered, although some transparencies did turn up at a convention later that year. Like Indy, the FBI got involved, but no resolution was ever reported – giving this mystery a persistent allure among fans in-the-know.

Papa Jones Makes the Hot List

October 3, 2007

In a recent poll has actor Sean Connery naming the film world’s sexiest senior, beating out his Indiana Jones screen son, Harrison Ford.

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