Hasbro’s Indy Collection

The program guide may say Star Wars day, but the man with the hat is making a big splash at Comic-Con. As part of today’s Hasbro presentation. Created by the same team responsible for the Star Wars line of toys and figures, Hasbro’s Indiana Jones toyline will celebrate all four Indy movies. On display at their booth was just a taste of the classic assortments, with 3 3/4″ figures and the “Galactic Heroes”-style cutesified pairs for fans of all ages.





Two packs of the Adventure Heroes collection include Indy and the German Mechanic, Indy and the Cairo Swordsman, Belloq and the spirit of the Ark (God’s wrath has never been sooooo cute!) and Sallah and a Mummy. On display at the Hasbro booth is a market place Marion with monkey sidekick. Of the 3 3/4″ collection, Hasbro’s floor display showcases Indy, Belloq and Sallah, while some of images shown during the presentation also included the Cairo Swordsman, the Monkeyman, and marketplace Marion Ravenwood complete with frying pan. Each figure comes with an ‘artifact’ (like the headpiece to the staff of Ra or the golden fertility idol of the Chachapoyan warriors) as an extra collectibel. Look for them in 2008.



8 Responses to Hasbro’s Indy Collection

  1. Gobi-1 says:

    Is there a photo of the Belloq figure from the front?

  2. jrail says:

    THose look ok but hasbro needs to do 6″ scale figures too

  3. Pabawan says:

    I’ve added the Belloq figure, Gobi-1.


  4. Gobi-1 says:

    Thanks, Pablo.

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  6. Michael Johnson says:

    Hasbro deserve to be congratulated. At last someone has produced proper Indiana Jones figures using the classic 3 ¾ inch scale, with the promise of an extensive range based on all four movies. This is exactly what fans want. I’ve been waiting for them for 20 years.

    These are the best Indiana Jones figures ever produced. The level of detail and accuracy is excellent given the small scale – they’ve even included Harrison Ford’s scar. The design of Belloq’s staff looks like it’s drawn straight from illustrations in the Lucasfilm archives and even Sallah’s spade is movie accurate.

    By now Hasbro must be running out of Star Wars characters to turn into figures. It’s great that they’ve recognised they can just switch over to Indiana Jones, the only property that can come close to the popularity of Star Wars. A huge territory has now opened up before them and I look forward to seeing more figures from the line.

  7. Short Round says:

    Hasbro can be known to create smaller, more poseable figures (star wars rots), so why can’t they bother with Indy?!?

  8. jesus espeso says:

    I like to buy the toys ¿ how could I buy?

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