Celebration Europe Opening Ceremonies

July 14, 2007

Fans from all over the world descended on London’s ExCeL Center Friday to kick off a weekend full of Star Wars events, photo-ops, parties and more. Starting things off, the opening ceremonies snuck through a cloudy afternoon that promised rain, but was spared. Low-flying planes overhead, however, brought their own style of drama to the event.

Host and Lucasfilm Head of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet introduced prequel actor Jerome Blake, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Warwick Davis (Wicket, Wald), and the unmatchable Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine) to an electric crowd, gathered to watch A New Hope outdoors for a pleasant, and thankfully dry, evening.

Check out the video short of the evening’s events.

[splashcast ASFC1200CQ]

On the Way to Celebration Europe…

July 12, 2007

After about 2 days of packing and unpacking endless electronic gear and Star Wars shirts, I’m making my way across the Pond to merry ‘ol “red alert” England! I’ve been dreaming about visiting the UK ever since I lay sprawled across on our living room carpet transfixed by the TV featuring the intergalactic adventures of “Dr. Who.” Growing up in Kansas, I think I was convinced all aliens had British accents. Between “Dr. Who” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” I probably had good reason to believe it. Even the villains had British accents in Star Wars. Which brings me to why I’m headed to London.

Lucasfilm is sending myself and fellow starwars.com reporter and Star Wars Poster Book author Pete Vilmur to Celebration Europe — the biggest official Star Wars convention in the UK. We’ll both be reporting here for Starwars.com — more specifically here on the Official Starwars.com Blog.

As you may already know, in May we were at Celebration IV (our gigantic Star Wars convention in Los Angeles and that was one heck of a Fanstock, and we had a blast. I chatted with Jane Wieldlin from the Go-Go’s, geeked out with the “Robot Chicken” gang, became an honorary member of the 501st, solved mysteries with Holmes Trooper, videotaped tons of footage of droids and slave Leias, photographed everything I saw and directed my first action film (technically I just ask a nice Lucasarts guy to pretend to run away from an Acklay.) So who knows what kind of trouble/fun/craziness myself and Pete will get into this time around?

Stay tuned to see what happens as we blog Celebration Europe.

Saturday Advance Tickets for CE Sold Out

July 11, 2007

Advance ticket sales for Saturday at Celebration Europe are now sold out (some walk up tickets may be available) – however, there are still tickets available for Friday and Sunday, and there will be a limited number of three-day passes as well. Order now!

Verifying Your Hyperspace Status at CE

July 9, 2007

We’ve received a lot of queries from members asking how they’ll be able to confirm their Fan Club membership status at Celebration Europe to enjoy all the member-exclusive benefits. While the Fan Club membership kits are readying for shipment this month, you won’t need the membership card (or even the downloadable one) to get your fan club lanyard at the convention.

Simply bring a photo ID when you arrive (minors without an ID should have an adult accompany them) and your membership status will be verified on site by staff members with access to the fan club database.

For those who have made recent subscription purchases (in the last two weeks) please try to bring a print-out of your confirmation email from StarWarsShop, as these new subscriptions may not have been registered when the data files were pulled for the convention.

If you did not receive your Fan Club lanyard in the mail, please follow the instructions above to pick it up on site. Lanyards (not tickets) will be available for pick up at the West Entrance of ExCeL on Thursday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and again during each morning of the convention starting at 7:30. Tickets will be available starting at 7:30 Friday morning.

See you all in London!

Media Release: Ian McDiarmid at Celebration Europe

July 3, 2007

This just in from the wire too late for pre-holiday publication on the regular starwars.com, but we know you’d want to know…


Star Wars Legend Ian McDiarmid to Make Special Appearance at Star Wars Celebration Europe
Acclaimed Actor Who Brought the Saga’s Palpatine to Sinister Life to be Special Guest During Opening Ceremonies on July 13

LONDON (4 July 2007) – Tony Award-winning actor Ian McDiarmid, whose iconic portrayal of Senator Palpatine and The Emperor in the Star Wars Saga raised suave villainy to a new level, will make a rare public appearance at STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE on Friday, 13th July to help commemorate the Saga’s 30th anniversary.

McDiarmid will be a special guest of Lucasfilm Ltd. and event organiser Cards Inc. during the Opening Ceremonies at ExCeL London, home of STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE. The Opening Ceremonies will be hosted by Steve Sansweet, head of fan relations for Lucasfilm Ltd., and will include a special one-time-only screening of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Read the rest of this entry »

The Making of “Sgt. Lucas”

June 18, 2007

Star Wars artist Randy Martinez created a mashup homage to Star Wars and one of the most iconic bands in music history — The Beatles. He used similar collage methods to those used in the creation of the original Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” album cover that inspired the image. He recently unveiled his “Sgt. Lucas” poster at Celebration IV, to get fans excited about the next big fan party happening in London this July. Martinez’s art will be used as the Celebration Europe program cover artwork and will be sold as a poster in the Celebration Store.

To find out how he made the “Sgt. Lucas” collage poster using everything from over 300 fake flowers to image cutouts, read on.

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