Skywalker Sound Nominated for BAFTA

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has nominated Matthew Wood, Chris Scarabosio, Michael Semanick and Thomas Johnson from Skywalker Sound for their amazing work on the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano.

Previously, Wood worked as the Supervising Sound Editor, while Scarabosio, Semanick and Johnson worked as re-recording mixers on the Star Wars prequels.

Congrats fellas!

Click here for the full BAFTA Nominees List.

3 Responses to Skywalker Sound Nominated for BAFTA

  1. As much as I loved There Will be Blood, the sound for No Country for Old Men blew me away with; they deserve an award for their work.

  2. Stooge says:

    Just saw TWBB — wow. Not sure how much of it was score, and how much was sound design, but that had the most effective soundtrack of any movie I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Yeah, it reminded of of Kubrick’s style very much, especially in A Clockwork Orange. It was emotionally unsettling, like the characters in the film.

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