Star Wars Fans Invade “American Idol”

Two rather unique versions of Princess Leia showed up on “American Idol” this week to amuse judges with their love for Star Wars. Fan Christina Tolisano paid tribute to Leia by wearing her hair in the classic buns style, while a male fan showed off his “assets” dressed in the rather drafty Slave Leia bikini costume. While their singing didn’t wow the judges, their passion for Star Wars left a memorable impression.

VIDEO: Christina Tolisano’s audition on “American Idol”

VIDEO: Man Leia on “American Idol”

4 Responses to Star Wars Fans Invade “American Idol”

  1. zachstarwalker says:

    We were just talking about this on the boards. The girl is actually a hyperspace member. I forget her SN but I can find it if you want. Its all over the front page. Try the one about Jaba’s wax horror something or other. In the comments she reveals herself. Her blog from september proves it.

  2. Patrick says:

    This is why people think that we Star Wars fans are all freaks or nutjobs. When we tell people that we are into Star Wars and they look at us like we just told them that we’re lepers or something. This is embarassing for me and other Star Wars fans should be embarassed as well.

  3. Darth of the Darths says:

    I agree with Patrick. The girl says she’s “proud to be a fan”, but being proud doesn’t necessarily means you have to go through every humiliation to make yourself accepted. In fact, the “geek” or “nerd” terms become compliments next to the ridiculous and embarrassing demonstrations we see above. One can be a fan, dress up as any character with the 501st or something, stand up as fans before the challenge, but please don’t make sad demonstrations on national television, just to make an impression or cause awe…

  4. Chris says:

    SW is everywhere these days.

    I’m a big Torchwood fan, and the new season started yesterday in the UK and there was a very cool SW reference. One of the characters sent a holographic message (projected blue beam and all). Right at the end he cheekily closes by saying “Oh! and Help Me Obi-Wan you’re my only hope”. I almost fell of my chair laughing.

    The new season starts in the US on BBC America on Jan 26th. Even if you’re not a Dr Who/Torchwood fan, It’s probably worth watching the first 5 minutes just for this scene.

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