ILM Lands Three Slots in VFX Oscar Finalists

As previously reported here, the winnowing processes for the Best Visual Effects Academy Award category has changed slightly this year, starting with a long long list that gets shortened to a “Bakeoff” of seven contenders from which the final three nominations are selected. ILM dominated the long long list, with fully a third of the productions selected having come out of the effects house. Yesterday, the Academy’s Visual Effects Steering Committee pared down that list to the seven “semi-finalists,” and ILM has a strong showing with three entries among this group: Evan Almighty, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Congrats to ILM supervisors John Knoll, Hal Hickel, Scott Farrar, Scott Benza, Russel Earl, Bill George, Lindy De Quattro and their hard-working teams for this recognition.

Members from the Visual Effects branch will again convene in Los Angeles on January 16 to vote on the final three nominees which will be announced on January 22.


4 Responses to ILM Lands Three Slots in VFX Oscar Finalists

  1. Mark Newbold says:

    That’s because ILM ROCK, they were robbed for 14 years until last year and Pirates, and it’s so obvious that Transformers should win, anything else would just show the academy to be a joke.
    How none of the prequels won anything (ROTS not even being nominated) was a total joke.

  2. tophtucker says:

    I’m sort of surprised that Evan Almighty made the list and Harry Potter & Spider-Man didn’t. But I guess it’s sort of that issue of effects-you-never-even-notice vs. flashy-effects-you-know-are-fake.

    I’m a little torn between POTC and Transformers. But since Dead Man’s Chest won, I’d be inclined to give it to Transformers.

    Of course, they’ll face tough competition from 300 & such. But even so, I think that what ILM did on Transformers was absolutely incredible, and they deserve to win.

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