C-3PO On The Catwalk

This story made a splash online over our Holiday break. although this dateline places it in October, 2006. Fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection looks to science fiction for inspiration, with sources such as Tron, The Matrix and Terminator serving as inspiration. Star Wars fans may have noted these leggings that resemble C-3PO’s gams.


Check out the collection here. This report comes from SuperPunch, who also provides some additional links and video.

While several blogs ran with this story, we gotta say, Huffington Post surprised us with the most geeky commentary:

Ah, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Balenciaga “C-3P0” leggings. The perfect example of fashion being WAY too expensive: they sold for around $159,000. We love Star Wars, but not even Luminara Unduli could rock these.

Name-dropping Luminara? HuffPo, we never knew you had it in you.


3 Responses to C-3PO On The Catwalk

  1. Stooge says:

    Wow. Where’s a hole in the catwalk when ya need one?

  2. I’m strangely attracted this half-woman-half-droid creature!

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