11-Year Old Padawan to the Rescue

The Sun reports that a would-be Anakin near Norwich came to the rescue of his Shmi in December by hitting some brute with his trusty lightsaber. Or, to quote the article:

AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy demonstrated The Force when he defended his mum by hitting an attacker with a toy light sabre.

The man, in his 30s, fled after being confronted by the youngster outside a bakery in Swardeston, near Norwich.

Read the rest here. (Via FARK).


2 Responses to 11-Year Old Padawan to the Rescue

  1. flute22 says:

    Speaking of Scmi, does anyone remember the name of the actress who played the role? I’m trying to get the info for my brother, who doesn’t have a computer. Thanks!

  2. Pabawan says:

    That would be Pernilla August.


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