First Baby of 2008 a Star Wars Fan

It’s a standard January 1st news story — report on the first baby born in the New Year — but this story coming out of El Paso caught our eye.

The first daughter of Star Wars fans Susana and Roger Taber, Abigail Leia Taber is expected to join her older brothers Lucas and Anakin at home on Thursday when she and her mom are discharged from Del Sol Medical Center.


Read more here. (Spotted on FARK.)


8 Responses to First Baby of 2008 a Star Wars Fan

  1. mititelu daniel says:

    i wish the star go to this baby,all the

  2. Lara says:

    Happy Life Day! This day will be long remembered… May she be smart and sassy as her namesake Leia, and wise beyond her years like Master Yoda.

  3. padwan kay says:

    Abigail Leia. Lovely name! 🙂 If the parents have another little girl they should name her Mara Jade. Or Jaina if they prefer. Jaina Solo Taber has a nice ring to it I think. ^_^ May Abigail Leia’s star shine forever true and May The Force Be With Her…Always. (also with her brothers)

  4. Ben An says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! May the Force be with this baby!

  5. Ali says:

    You have got to be kidding me….poor kids.

  6. Brenda says:

    I think Abigail Leia is a beautiful name. But I wonder what is Anakin’s whole name? I just can’t think of a middle name that fits with Anakin. Do they call him Annie, like Padme call the younger Anakin??
    Abigail Leia–the Star Wars fans are excited you are in the world, God Bless You and your entire family.
    May the Force be with you!!

  7. Panda says:

    WOW! I am so jealous. I have always wanted a name for Star Wars. Abigal Leia is so lucky. That is so cool. May the Force be with you!

  8. Tarkin says:

    That’s a great name. If I have a son and if my wife would let me I would name him Maximillion Veer last name, but with a girl I think I would stick with an Earth name.
    Anyway God Bless and may the force be with her.

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