R2-D2 Kidnapped!

A Swiss newpaper is reporting that “unidentified thieves have stolen a replica of the Star Wars robot R2-D2 from a film prop museum in Frauenfeld, canton Thurgau.”

The thieves broke into a basement storage room, making off with an exact copy of the famed robot character as well as other items. The 1.2-metre-high robot is worth thousands of Swiss francs according to its owner, Roman Güttinger.

Güttinger’s hoard of props from horror, adventure and science fiction films is considered the biggest private collection in Europe. He has gathered around 2,500 items, including rarities such as the monster from the Alien films and the Batmobile from Batman.

While no one as of yet has been apprehended, we suspect Jawas.

SOURCE: Swissinfo.ch

3 Responses to R2-D2 Kidnapped!

  1. Sharpy says:

    The cops should just be able to follow the sandcrawler tracks to find those disgusting creatures…

  2. LucasFriend says:

    Years ago I met that crook Roman Güttinger, and after I returned to the states I called Lucasfilm because I witnessed him copying props from Phantom Menace to sell. He is a huge crook, (I was there to recover stolen property that he had in his possession), so I have NO sympathy for him losing an R2-D2, and you guys at starwars.com shouldn’t be giving a man who steals from you press. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Paula says:

    Surely it can’t be a Swiss who did this! 🙂

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