Death Star Galaxy: Look at the Size of That Thing!


A comment from reader Alec Longstreth points to this fascinating science story of a massive black hole within the heart of a galaxy that is blasting a nearby companion galaxy with a jet of high energy particles and magnetic fields. It’s a galaxy… with a gun! The kind of nefarious superweapon that could only be cooked up in an Imperial laboratory, or in the depths of space by the cosmos. It’s the nickname of the violent galaxy that should catch the eye of Star Wars fans:

The larger of the two galaxies in 3C321 – dubbed the “death star galaxy” by the astronomers – has a jet emanating from the vicinity of the black hole at its centre. The unfortunate smaller galaxy has apparently swung into the jet’s line of fire.

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  1. zachstarwalker says:

    Mimas still looks better.

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