ILM: A Third of Prelim List for Best VFX Oscar

In response to the late release of some films, the Academy’s Visual Effects Steering Committee has adopted a new procedure, selecting a semi-finalist long, long list of 15 films to be considered prior to determining the seven which make up the “Bakeoff” long list (and from there, the nominees are chosen… still following?)

The new policy allows members to see more of the year’s visual effects stand-outs before determining which films will ultimately be in contention for the Best Visual Effects Oscar.

With five films represented, ILM’s 2007 releases make up a full third of the long list:

VISUAL FX SEMI-FINALIST LIST (In alphabetical order; ILM productions in bold)


The Bourne Ultimatum

Evan Almighty (ILM)

The Golden Compass

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (ILM)

I Am Legend

Live Free or Die Hard

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (ILM)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (ILM)


Spider-Man 3



Transformers (ILM)

The Water Horse

On January 3, the Steering Committee will meet again to make an informed decision determining the Bakeoff seven. After this, it is business as usual; On January 16, all members of the Visual Effects branch will meet at the Bakeoff screening in LA to vote on the final three nominees. From there it is off to the Oscars on February 24. Congratulations to all the tireless folks at ILM!


3 Responses to ILM: A Third of Prelim List for Best VFX Oscar

  1. Congrats to ILM!

    Hey, did you see the article about this supermassive black hole that is blasting particles like a ray? The astronomers are calling it the “death star galaxy” 🙂

    “The larger of the two galaxies in 3C321 – dubbed the “death star galaxy” by the astronomers – has a jet emanating from the vicinity of the black hole at its centre. The unfortunate smaller galaxy has apparently swung into the jet’s line of fire.”

  2. Mark Newbold says:

    Well, my vote goes to Transformers, with Potter and 300 rounding it off.
    But Ratatouille in there too? Thought that would be up for Best Animated feature? The same for Beowolf.

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