Star Wars Toys That Never Were

You can’t have too many Star Wars collectibles. Right, Mr. Sansweet?
So when we came across this wishful thinking blog about Star Wars action figures that will probably never see the light of day — the smouldering remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, the dead Ewok, rocks from blown up Alderaan, etc., we couldn’t help but smile. The empty box containing the Force is a clear winner.

Read more about more nonexistent toys here:
Star Wars toys that never made it


6 Responses to Star Wars Toys That Never Were

  1. zachstarwalker says:

    I think I linked this quite a while ago except from a different site.

  2. Mydaddysawookiee says:

    You forgot the action figure collection from SW parts VII, VII, and IX

  3. Mydaddysawookiee says:

    Sorry that was parts VII, VIII, and IX

  4. ollielentz says:

    Dear star wars website: thank you for letting me jion this website.I’m a huge fan!!!!

  5. Jedi/Sith wannabe says:

    Which side of the Force does the box contain? Light, or Dark?

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