Wrecked AT-AT Wins the Day


Starship Modeler recently hosted a contest that asked contestants to submit their best model “wreck” — that is, any model that might be defined as“derelict, broken, abandonned, war-weary, busted, beat up, junker, hangar queen, crashed, pranged, in disrepair, poorly maintained and held-together-with-baling-wire-and-prayers”, etc.

Scratch modeler Dimitri Kaliviotis took home the first place prize with his stunning 1/32 scale AT-AT, which truly looks like something post-apocalyptic from that galaxy far, far way. Check out the rest of the entries for more Star Wars-inspired wrecks.


7 Responses to Wrecked AT-AT Wins the Day

  1. Sharpy says:

    Easily the best entry there…

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