John Knoll on Smartest People List

(Actor Seth Green with ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll)

ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll has been named as one of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s “50 Smartest People in Hollywood,” coming in at No. 10 over conventional Hollywood moguls, power-players and luminaries such as J.J. Abrams, Jerry Bruckheimer, Peter Jackson, Tom Rothman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brad Bird, Zack Snyder and Kathleen Kennedy.

The list celebrates forward-thinking and relevance in today’s movie industry, representing a broad range of intelligence and impact – book smarts, street smarts, financial genius and emotional integrity – rather than simply the “suits and the stars.”

According to EW, Knoll made the list because:

“He designed some of the most groundbreaking computer-generated effects of this generation. In 1989 he helped conjure the morphing magic in James Cameron’s The Abyss, and he has overseen the effects on all three Star Wars prequels and the entire Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Long after audiences forget that Orlando Bloom is even in Pirates, they’ll remember the startling octopus face of Davy Jones, a breakthrough in realistic animation. As studios increasingly depend on blockbusters to stay in the black, visual effects have become indispensable to their success. The industry has come to rely on ILM to blow audiences’ minds every time out of the gate. Thanks in large part to Knoll, it does. “

Check out the complete list here:
The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood

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  1. I knew there was a reason we made him an Honorary 501st Member. Congrats John!

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