Barbie Trapped in Carbonite?

BoingBoing reports about one mash-up of note — Barbie Trapped in Carbonite!

Etsy seller Stray’s “Barbie Trapped in Carbonite” sculpture is perfectly demented and just the thing for transitioning the kids from unrealistic Dream House play to unrealistic space-empire play.

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10 Responses to Barbie Trapped in Carbonite?

  1. Shada says:

    Is anyone else as creeped out about this as I am? LOL

  2. Mark Montgomery says:

    “Humor, it is a diffcult concept.” Its great to see Two of America’s cultural Icons together like this. LOL

  3. Pheonix023 says:

    Thats…..uh….well…..disturbing in ways I don’t want to think about……ouur world shall never be the same again…

    Who thinks I should get one of those for my 4-year-old barbie loving cousin…?

  4. Cheryl says:

    I love it! As a Barbie Collector and Star Wars fans I want it. Anyone have a Ken trapped in Carbonite to complete the set?

  5. Mike says:

    Han’s arms were at his side! though oddly perturbing yet satisfying

  6. Joey says:

    So what she replied to Ken when he said “I love you” in the moment she was being lowering into the carbon pit??

  7. LoriBinCalif says:

    Oh this is so funny!! And then is Barbie given to Jabba. I know he likes his girls but thought he liked them serving him. LOL

  8. Grayness says:

    …and at least one spelling error, at that. It’s ridiculous what some people will let slide

  9. Joculetzul says:

    Very funny, greate post! You make this image?

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