Princess Leia on “Chuck”

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Missed the Halloween episode of the new NBC show “Chuck” where one of the characters dresses up as the bikini Slave Leia? If you want to see her chat about the episode behind-the-scenes IN COSTUME, here’s your chance:

VIDEO: It’s a Chuck Halloween
Get the scoop on the Halloween episode with Zachary Levi and the cast!

4 Responses to Princess Leia on “Chuck”

  1. Sharpy says:

    Looks like it was rather hot on set… she’s more glazed than a Christmas ham…

  2. TK-2065 says:

    I believe a member from made that for the show.

  3. tk says:

    who is she?

  4. JadedSabre says:

    That’s Yvonne Strahovski from the TV series “Chuck”.

    That was such a great episode! The bikini wasn’t quite accurate, but it was still awesome. The cast of the show was apparently actually at Comic Con, but I didn’t see Yvonne in the Slave Leia group photo.

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