Brad Pitt the Stormtrooper?

According to USA Today, actor couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt celebrated Halloween this year in Star Wars style.

Rather, Star Wars and furry animals seem to be all the rage in the Jolie-Pitt home, as evidenced by last week’s Halloween costume selections. Said Jolie: “We were Boba Fett (Maddox, 6). My littlest daughter (Shiloh, 17 months), we couldn’t figure out if she was a bunny or a monkey, so she was a ‘bunkey.’ My 2-year-old (Zahara) was a bunny, and my 3-year-old (Pax) was a monkey. I was Curious George and Daddy (Pitt) was a Stormtrooper.”

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3 Responses to Brad Pitt the Stormtrooper?

  1. Not surprising, really. Brad and Angelina had seen the 501st backstage a while back at a high-profile event and seemed impressed. Brad hummed the Imperial March and Angelina commented that we looked “damned hot.” Now to get Brad a legitimate Legion ID number…

  2. TK-2126 says:

    The heck with Brad, lets get Angelina in the 501st!!!

  3. TK-229 says:

    Yup they were both impressed with us at ShoWest. I had geared up fast and was standing out in the eisle as they walked by the first time. the return pass is when i waved to Angelina (carrying child) she smiled and said “damn hot” Brad then followed and gave a big smile and thumbs up lol

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