“NY Jedi” Gets Video Coverage


Gizmodo reports on a clip recently run at the ABC News site which reveals a Jedi Training-type class called the New York Jedi Academy (“NY Jedi”). We’d read about this in WIRED magazine a bit over a month ago and mentioned it in a report here.

Check out the video over at Gizmodo or head on over to the ABC News site here here.

2 Responses to “NY Jedi” Gets Video Coverage

  1. Joe says:

    Oh Gizmodo, don’t be a Vader hater. Spooky contact lenses aside (eek), if I lived in NYC, I would have already chosen this as my new workout routine.

  2. chef says:

    Take a close look around your area. We Jedi are every where. A similar group resides in Santa Barbara CA through SB Academy of Martial Arts. MTFBWY…

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