Yahoo! Launches The World of Star Wars

What is The World of Star Wars? The best way to find out is by going there and exploring for yourself. Expect more details later in the near future, but in a nutshell: Yahoo! and Lucasfilm Ltd. have partnered together to create a new, media-rich, personalized and ever-expanding Star Wars experience on the Internet. Take your first step into a larger world here.



6 Responses to Yahoo! Launches The World of Star Wars

  1. Master Devwi says:

    “Using our latest technology and in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. and, we have created so that you can discover new Star Wars content, connect with other fans, and share your passions with the entire online galaxy.”

    Cool… but, isn’t that what is for? Why do we need to go to Yahoo!’s Star Wars page instead of – The Official Site?

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  3. felastica says:

    Er, isn’t that what the site is for? Isn’t this just another way for Lucasfilm to make more money from the franchise? They sell rights to Yahoo, then Yahoo can make money from advertising. Plus isn’t Yahoo part of the group that looks likely to buy the rights to the TV series?

  4. jedisethsl says:

    We already get this (and in more up to date fashion) on I see no added value here.

  5. bonniegrrl says:

    The Yahoo Star Wars site is NOT replacing at all, so don’t worry. It’s just another extension of Think of us as that craft glitter that gets on everything it touches to make it extra sparkly and pretty. But when you try to wash it out in the laundry, the glitter is STILL there.
    In conclusion, = glitter.

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