Astromech Speakers


Soon you’ll be able to hook up a pair of astromechs to your laptop or iPod to listen to your favorite music or movies – Techdigest recently sneaked a peek at this cool R2 unit duo —

Released in December by Taito Japan, two R2’s are sold together in a set in blue and orange, each standing 12cm high. You can connect to a computer or MP3 player via a standard 3.5mm stereo plug, with a flip of the head opening up the speakers for use.

Looks like they’ll only cost about $40, too. First salt and pepper shakers, now speakers. Is there anything your standard-issue Artoo unit can’t do?


One Response to Astromech Speakers

  1. Mark Newbold says:

    It should be great for blasting out all those old 90’s House music tracks


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