Star Wars Galaxies Cut Footloose

What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies? They dance! Dance like they’ve never danced before to the musical stylings of Kenny Loggins. That’s what!

Watch your favorite Star Wars: Galaxies characters reenact dance moves from the last scene in the ’80s classic teen flick Footloose!

Check out the fancy digital footwork here:
Footloose (Star Wars Galaxies)

27 Responses to Star Wars Galaxies Cut Footloose

  1. Erika says:

    Too bad it’s only for PCs…

  2. keethen says:

    This movie is the best and I love those lifesavers.

  3. suske says:

    remember the 15th of November
    lies, deceit, and nge treachery.

    pre-cu for the win.

  4. Bissrok says:

    What happens when SOE drives off over 90% of their customers in Star Wars Galaxies, through a mixture of arrogance and incompetence? They move everyone to a new project and leave the game to die with a whimper under the watch of interns.

  5. Reachwind says:

    Q: What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies?

    A: They quit and never return because of all the games on the market SWG is quite possibly the worst.

  6. suske says:

    they really drank the kool-aid on this one! good job soe!

  7. Auntisocial says:

    I’ve always loved this video. Great work! Unfortunately, there’s no longer anyone to dance with in game. (Unless you count the holograms they’ve created … but I just consider that dancing with myself.)

  8. njdevi66 says:

    What happened to SWG will forever go down in history as the biggest mistake ever. What $OE did will forever haunt them and they should live in shame for putting the NGE on the players, even when it was hated and pleaded not to do by the players.

    Nice going $OE, the only company i know of that took a large dump on their players.

    Pre-CU forever

  9. Darkstryder says:

    What a pity $OE ruined such a good game with their NGE. They chased the WOW phantom customers and dumped their current Star Wars fans.

    250k customers quit and the WOW phantom players never arrived. SWG is a dead game due to $OE’s greed. George how could you let this happen?

    Never forget the 15th of November 2005 all Star Wars fans.

    Shame on you $OE.

    Pre-CU forever

  10. Uziel says:

    Pre-CU SWG offered something even current mmos don’t. Raph Koster was a genious that just needed more app development staff and wider latitude. Pre-CU was essentially a sand box that let players contribute significantly to their own experience. The best loot was player made and player driven.

    Its nice to see a new game that has some of what the original Pre-CU SWG had and thats Tabula Rasa. As long as Garriot can move TR in the right direction we may have another gem even if its not Star Wars. If we are lucky he will get Raph on board and surprise all of us.

    Pre-CU forever

  11. Lassiter says:

    To bad the game isnt worth playing and hasnt been since 11-15-05.

  12. Temploiter says:

    If George Lucas knew how badly Star Wars fans were treated at the hands of SOE I bet he’d pull the license. I know several former SW:G players that actually hate Star Wars (all of it) now because of the bad taste left in their mouth by the CU/NGE debacle in SW:G. Even forgetting all that, anyone can become a Jedi between episodes 1 and 2? Come on!!! Raph Koster had a vision, SOE ruined it.

  13. Aidyn says:

    Good job SOE/LA

    What is there to say, that hasn’t been said already? Just give us our game back already

  14. BushMonkey says:

    What is this? its not “Starwarsy and Iconic” enough. Wheres the jedi? wheres the swoosh and shwing with the lightsaber?
    All kidding aside i wish they would of left my proffesions in game so i could enjoy SWG also. PRECU or no money SOELA.

  15. Broom says:

    Nothing like being told that you (40, female) are not the target audience (the ‘ideal’ audience being male and under 20). Nothing like being told by senior LA/SOE representatives that ‘the game had too much reading and was too difficult’, so 90% of it needed to be slashed in favor of 9 ‘iconic’ professions with zero power choices. Nothing like working on earning a Jedi for years, only to see it become a starting profession. Nothing like seeing all your game achievements become worthless overnight, and this twice in half a year. Nothing like being told, when you complain about such sweeping game changes, that you’re behaving like spoiled, footstomping children, who are just acting up but who will come back with hanging feet soon enough (eh, Julio Torres?).

    Linna Baresi
    Proud member of the ‘vocal minority’

    PS: I liked being non-iconic, thx. I think Luke’s a little twit. The very thought of having to identify with him gives me the heeby-jeebies

  16. Bob Blawblaw says:

    To continue on Linna’s brainwave, I have to say how SOE/LA tried to infuse into SWG what they thought was the selling point of World Of Warcraft. Mistakenly, they thought it was WoW’s simplicity that was the selling point. So what did they do? As Linna stated, they ripped out 90% of the complexity (‘people don’t like to read’ said Nancy MacIntyre, head of the marketing department responsible for the SWG NGE). They thought SWG was too complex and that the complexity created barriers to new players (who apparently can’t read).
    It’s my opinion that that complexity, which I call ‘depth’, is one of the main factors which held the community together. We learned the game together, and got good at it together, and through it all we built relationships with each other and became a tight community.

    If it’s illiterate solo players you want, it’s illiterate solo players you get, just remember that even they like a little depth now and then, but don’t have the attention span to wait until you finally put it in the game. They’ll play for their first free month, and then head back to their Xbox360s looking for some production value. Which they have done.

    The community told you what would happen, and lo and behold, it did.
    Perhaps SOE and LA don’t like to read.

    Thanks for killing the best game I’ve ever played SOE/LA.

  17. Zaush says:

    Dear SOE/LA,

    Thanks for ruining the greatest Star Wars experience ever made.

    11/15/05: we shall never forget.

    Living Sony free since Feb 2006.

  18. Xcathdra says:

    So… the only thing fun to do in STARWARS, is to do a dance from a movie that has nothing to do with starwars..

    I wish SOE get surgery from their apparent rectal – cranial inversion.

  19. Trubaduren says:

    Buggy combat and dancing…

    jupe, thats NGE.

  20. TheCabal says:

    Not much more to say other than the poor decisions by SoE will haunt them with all future MMO games. We saw it with Vanguard, and we will see it with all of their new titles. No one trusts them, and with a MMO, trust is crucial. WE will be there to make sure that no one forgets.


  21. Kazara says:

    Where is the sychronized group of 20 dancers? Oh, yeah…that was before SWG suffered unwanted changes resulting in oversimplified game play and the mass exodus of players. The dancing, although well choreographed, was not what truly amazed me….it was that the creator actually found enough player toons to actually pull off making the video.

    I am also amazed that the notorius business blunder of November 15, 2005, resulting in the loss of well over 200k SWG accounts, was never rectified. Too many numbers to work withI suppose……

  22. rollnstns says:

    Thanks to everybody involved with destroying the most original game out there! Especially those kids who whined about things being to hard.

    Pre-Cu, FTW!

  23. Sandbox says:

    Linna and Bob said it all, very good posts.

    Imo, SWG today is a joke. Some devs have been given a game engine to play with.
    And they play…no planning. How can SOE have a MMO game that don’t have future goals set up? They go publish by publish…..

    Mark my words, SOE will go down sooner than later, there will be other alternatives for companies that need publishers, and when that happends SOE has lost their last source of income.

    The lost the income from developing games at Nov 15, 2005.

  24. Splashin says:

    Q: What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies?

    A: Run into the kitchen, grab a hotpocket, return only to find the “Greatest Saga Ever Told” gone, then go play EVE.

  25. pathquill says:

    Dear Bonnie,
    With the current state of SWG, it may be wise to avoid this topic.

  26. Sifidias says:

    This game needs to just die. They started to kill it on November 15th 2005 but it has been on life support for the last 2 years.

    Q . What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies?

    A. Hit the Cancel button cause the game sucks ass after the NGE.

  27. TheSlider says:

    IT’s too bad a game like SWG had to be ruined by the lies, unethical business practices, and mismanagement of Sony Online Entertainment.

    This article is nothing but a media fluff piece. I still have yet to see anyone in the media who has written up “fluff” pieces on these thieves ask them about the blatantly illegal “bait and swtch” tactic they used in selling the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion, or the mountain of class-action litigation that was about to descend on them 11-15-05.

    Sony Online Entertainment should have been sued over this debaucle, and all it’s principal employees reprimanded/terminated for such a breach of public and consumer trust.

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