501st Legion in the Record Books

The new 2008 Guinness Book of World Records now lists the 501st Legion as the world’s “Largest Star Wars Costume Group.”

According to 501st.com:

Page 174 of the newly-published book features a write-up and photos of the stormtroopers from the 2007 Rose Parade. Click here for a photo of the page.

Congratulations to everyone in the 501st Legion!

To read more about the 501st, check out our Know a Legion series on starwars.com.


4 Responses to 501st Legion in the Record Books

  1. Ed Jara says:

    WooW as a member of th 501st… It’s feel great to part of Guiness Record…

    Another reason to be a proud member of the 501st.

  2. Do Hoang Son says:

    I’m dying for a clone costume here, but my conditions don’t allow me to have an armor. 😦 Just wish I have one, then I’ll be extremely happy (and may be the first one in Vietnam who joined 501st region…)

  3. black_mamba says:

    Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

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