Vader Wants Your Brains: Star Wars Zombies

Despite their cadaverous pallor, zombies are hotter then ever. Marvel zombified their heroes and villains with the smash hit Marvel Zombies series, and now Star Wars gets the undead treatment thanks to sculptor Michael Barrera’s awesome work that can be seen at his website,


The latest issue of Toyfare (Dec 2007, #124) — now on newsstands — has Barrera’s step-by-step instructions on how to turn a slave Leia into a zombie as part of their Customizing 101 column.

Also in this issue for Star Wars fans: an interview with Ralph McQuarrie about the concept artist action figure currently available from Hasbro, a spotlight on the Kotobukiya ArtFX statues, and the Hasbro / Dark Horse Star Wars Comic 2-Packs.



11 Responses to Vader Wants Your Brains: Star Wars Zombies

  1. Rob says:

    Oh man that is really awesome.

  2. nob01 says:

    Both of my passions combined – I can die happy now.

  3. joe says:

    what about a zombie artoo? that would be spectacularrr

  4. […] Because Hallowe’en is coming, here’s a news on an article of Toyfare that gives indications on how to make zombie versions of Star Wars figures. […]

  5. Joe Anstett says:

    Oh good lord this is the coolest thing ever! I wish I could buy one. I must have it! Zombie Vader! Check out the website, Zombie Spidey, Zombie Wolverine, I’m in geek heaven!

  6. zachstarwalker says:

    well they wont have to do anything to Grand Moff Tarkin. I thought he was a zombie the first time i saw him

  7. KaijuSlasher says:

    no comment…

  8. Tom says:

    That is so creepy I don’t think it would be a good idea to go to your granny’s house on halloween dressed like that. I’d like to see zombie zuckuss and zombie Bossk.

  9. […] I give you Zombie Darth Vader. The first person to turn this design into a viable Halloween costume gets 10,000 Geek points. Same […]

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