Workout like a Jedi Master

Are you starting to look less like Anakin Skywalker and more like Jabba the Hutt? Perhaps a Jedi Workout is in order. Thanks to, you’ll be back to your spry Sith self. Just try doing a few reps of Force Jumps, Hyperspace Holds, Lightsaber Pulls, Tridactyl Hops, Space Slug Boosts, Rancor Stops — and may your muscles be with you!

Here’s a sample from the workout:

Force Jumps
This exercise is going to help increase your leg power and really get your fast-twitch muscle fibers working. These will be the fibers that are going to be responsible for propelling you off the ground and achieving a maximum height bound.

Additionally, this exercise will help keep your quad muscles very lean but still powerful. You don’t want to start developing too much muscle size, however you do need strength. This movement will accomplish that goal.

How to perform it: Force jumps are performed in a similar manner to the Earthly version of squat jumps. What you’ll want to do is crouch down as low down to the ground as possible, placing your hands between your legs in front of you and then blast off into the air as high as you can. Upon landing, immediately move back into the crouch position — make sure you absorb the impact with your ankles and knees, and land as gently and quietly as possible — and perform the bound again. Try and work your way up to doing 15 of these.

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Jedi Workout




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