Wil Wheaton Talks Star Wars Toys

(photo by Nicole Love)

Actor, blogger and author Wil Wheaton chats with Xeni Jardin on BoingBoingTV about his love for all things geeky. In his latest book The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Wheaton talks about his favorite Star Wars action figures in the chapter “Blue Light Special.”

“It’s a story about going to K-Mart with my mom when I was 8 or 9. I was very, very young. My mom took my sister to the cosmetics department and my brother and I got to go to the toy department. Back then I remember staring at this infinite wall of action figures and this particular story is this dilemma I think a lot of us had when we were that age — should I save my money for something really cool like the Millennium Falcon or should I buy something right now because I could have it. And the story is about how I’m not able to make a smart choice and save my money and I end up getting something that I really regret.”

Watch the video here (Wheaton shows up halfway through):
Fall TV Shows/Wil Wheaton.

Read Wheaton’s story “Blue Light Special” here.


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