Star Wars ala Jazz Hands

Wasting hours on Youtube is a fond past-time of mine and it sure pays off when I run across something as cool as this.

Star Wars Trumpet by Stacy Hedger

It’s not easy to figure out what year it is, but judging by the high hair and the Spandex sequined costume, perhaps the ’80s? Either way, Hedger’s trumpet playing and jazzy dancing make me wish she would perform the entire music soundtrack. I hope she won the pageant/talent show!


4 Responses to Star Wars ala Jazz Hands

  1. Paula says:

    That was beyond painful. But such enthusiasm! That deserved a win right there.

  2. vadergirl says:

    Ouch…my ears are still bleeding.

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  4. Ed Jara says:


    Look likes the infamous “STAR WARS KID” got a match…. or even a Girlfreind

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