Financial Planning with Yoda?

For most of us, figuring out how to invest our money is harder than understanding a screamfest between a Jawa and an Ewok. With that in mind, perhaps your best bet for financial advice is Jedi Master Yoda? Financial adviser and author Alan Haft gives fans the lowdown on everything from investment planning with an open mind to keeping your planning strategy simple — but explained through Star Wars lessons.

As surprising it may sound, when it comes to getting good advice on investing, for a moment, forget The Wall Street Journal and everything else out there. That two-foot, nine-hundred year old creature surprisingly offers some decent advice on investing. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, the entire Star Wars series itself offers some fantastic suggestions to get us on the right path towards success. Only problem is, few people have taken the time to do something as ridiculous as I have: ponder how the classic tale can teach us a few things about making money.

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Six Things Star Wars Teaches About Money




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