Dark Lord of the Balloon Fiesta

(Photo courtesy of Balloonfiesta.com)

Previously reported on Starwars.com, the Darth Vader Balloon — created by Belgian 501st Legion FanWars Garrison member Benoît Lambert — has made its rounds in Europe — including Celebration Europe itself — so we were excited to hear that the giant Darth Vader hot air balloon is making a rare appearance in the U.S. at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Oct 6-14, 2007.

A truly imposing sight, the balloon measures 26 meters (86 feet) high and 21 meters (69 feet) wide. It has a hot air volume of approx 3.000 m³ (106,000 cubic feet) and weighs around 320 kilos (705 lbs).

Watch this video of the Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon in flight!

Also check out this video of the 501st Dewback Ridge Squad in action.

Click here for some info about the Darth Vader balloon on the Balloon Fiesta site here.

For more information on where to see the balloon next, be sure to visit the Darth Vader Balloon site here.


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