Y-wing Rockets After X-wing


Gizmodo.com updates today with the launch of another large-scale Star Wars vehicle – Y-wing. While it suffered the same fate as its wingman Red 5, its launch was no less spectacular. Here’s an excerpt from the post —

The X-Wing fighter at Plaster Blaster 6 this weekend got all the glory. But the model rocket with the biggest heart/size ratio goes to the underdog of a model based on the space bomber Y-Wing fighter. Ion cannons? Check. More torpedoes than the X-Wing? Check. Fewer parts to tear off on liftoff? Check…not that it lived to see a second flight. This reel has a bit of friendly yet competitive smacktalk about the X-Wing, the liftoff, and even a bit of in flight camera salvaged from the fake black box the team rigged up.

Head on over to Gizmodo.com to view the launch video and interview with the Y-wing rocket’s creators.


2 Responses to Y-wing Rockets After X-wing

  1. Gabe says:

    LOL I saw the X-Wing, but a Y-Wing too? HA HA!!!!! That’s so awesome!

  2. zachstarwalker says:

    someone needs to build better rockets. that or maybe just move on to the a wing. no fancy design there.

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