The 40 Most Memorable Aliens

The London Times rates their picks for the 40 Most Memorable Aliens of all time. The scores are based on Original Features (how much they vary from the basic humanoid template), Special Powers (any superhuman abilities demonstrated), Messianic Qualities (Many alien stories involve a messianic element, so we felt it was only fair) and of course, the general catch-all Coolness factor.

Ewoks and Max Rebo made the list alongside other memorable aliens such as Cylons (“Battlestar Galactica”), the Borg (“Star Trek”), the Coneheads (“Saturday Night Live”), E.T. and ALF.

# 32: Ewoks
Small furry animated teddy bears who either (depending on ones’ perspective) ruined or enriched the final Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks are a primitive jungle race who against all the odds defeated the technologically superior Imperial stormtroopers. This feat has been described by the films’ creator, George Lucas, as an analogy of the Vietnam conflict although the impact of a small cuddly creature on the profit margins of Lucasfilms’ lucrative toy franchises should not be underestimated.

Original Features: 6
Special Powers: 0
Messianic Qualities: 1
Overall Coolness 1

#26: Max Rebo
The roly-poly blue-skinned bandleader had a small but memorable role in Return of the Jedi, performing with his trio for corpulent alien crime boss Jabba the Hutt. His mastery of the Red Ball Jett keyboard, despite the handicap of astoundingly pudgy digits, earns him a place in the pantheon on extraterrestrial greats

Original Features: 7
Special Powers: 0
Messianic Qualities: 0
Overall Coolness: 5

Read the entire list here:
The 40 most memorable aliens



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