Jawa Sandcrawler Built to Figure Scale


Since building big seems to be a theme this week (see X-wing rocket story below), we thought we’d share what one fan from Brooklyn, New York has built to accommodate his band of Jawa action figures – a sandcrawler built to action figure scale! (you didn’t think the old Kenner version was actually to scale, did you?)

The intricately-detailed sandcrawler measures a hulking two and a half feet tall and over five feet long. Here’s an excerpt from darklord1967’s post:

About 2 months ago, I went up to my collection room and spent some time admiring my horde of TAC Jawas. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just LOVE those new little buggers! Anyhow, I decided to see what my new little scavengers would look like in a makeshift droid auction in front of their Sandcrawler. I pulled my Vintage Kenner Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler down off the shelf, posed a bunch of droids and TAC Jawas around it… and my heart sank. That tiny, dinky, out-of-scale, pathetic Sandcrawler looked ridiculous next to my new Jawas! I loved this Sandcrawler as a kid, but now… it just wasn’t working for me.

Head on over to theprivateuniverse.co.uk forum to check out the pics and full description.


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