X-wing Rocket Launches…Sort of


As previously reported here, a nearly life-size X-wing model was scheduled to launch somewhere in California this week – actually, that launch has already occurred, with some rather unfortunate results.

Admittedly, the launch was pretty spectacular, if only short-lived. You got to hand it to the creators for almost pulling it off. Check out the video here.

Here’s the same scene captured from a different angle courtesy of Eyespot’s Kevin Baird.


4 Responses to X-wing Rocket Launches…Sort of

  1. Lord Tuetanus (TD7606) says:

    ohh that was great! ot doesnt matter how long it was, just seing it flying for a short while was amazing, great job!!!

  2. zachstarwalker says:

    i was hoping that i wouldnt do that. maybe some rebar holding the wings together would have helped. it also seemed that the bottom would be heavy forcing it to crash. maybe next time they should try it with stronger wings and no moving parts.

  3. 369 says:

    hahah sounds fun…
    but why the x-wing model made by paper ..lol

  4. TK-2065 says:

    I hear here’s what really happened:

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