Star Wars on Earth” Showing in Gallery

French photographer Cédric Delsaux uses Attakus Star Wars statues in real-world locations for a mash-up series of images that capture the imaginations of fans who rave about his work for not only in the Blogosphere — as well as in various magazines including Star Wars Insider.

Here’s what Delsaux said in a recent interview in Insider about his work and his plans for new imagery:

Would you like to do more photography work using Star Wars as the muse?
Yes, I would love to. I’d like to find new ways to make it live. The first series was done with toys, but if some fans with costumes want to help me, it will allow me to bring my photos to a new level. It will give new perspective to my ideas. And I do have some new ideas now. I would like to leave Paris for a while and bring Star Wars to a new place. The Star Wars universe is so large and rich, that we can go to thousand places on our planet.

Delsaux work is currently on exhibit until Oct. 20 in the gallery Project 4.

Read more about his work here.

Be sure to check out our Online Insider Supplement to download desktop wallpapers his work here:
Cédric Delsaux’s Lens from the Dark Side


One Response to Star Wars on Earth” Showing in Gallery

  1. comanderbly says:

    Wow – I live in DC and had no idea this is happening!

    Thanks for the post cannot wait to check it out in person.

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