Retro Comic Image of the Day

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  1. Is that Zorak from Space Ghost behind Princess Leia?

  2. Mark Newbold says:

    Oh that takes me back, I loved that whole invasion storyline.
    But why was Chewie hugging Lando like that? Something we’re not being told?

  3. Dunc says:

    Even Threepio got buffed up. That’s… kinda scary, really.

  4. Mark Newbold says:

    Plif was the greatest Star Wars hero EVER and MUST be in the new TV show
    Plus has anyone noticed that R2 is black where he should be blue? Bless Marvel, they even helped ILM out by keeping it all consistent.
    Doi you think they’d ever allow Lando to smoke on the cover of a comic these days?

  5. Homie Bear says:

    I loved that final run of the old marvel series. The art was fluorescent but it fit the mid 80s.

  6. bonniegrrl says:

    i always thought this series would make fantastic action figures!

  7. Homie Bear says:

    Yeah- Fenn Shysha, those nagai guys . . . that Sith lady who made the lightwhip . . . so many great characters.

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