Jedi Rank on Needlessly-Detailed Wikipedia Entries List

Humor magazine Cracked lists “The 8 Most Needlessly Detailed Wikipedia Entries,” and shockingly (or not) we come in at #8 with List of Ancient Jedi. We’re in weird company. Also making the list: “7th Heaven” Episodes, Tennis Performance Timeline Comparison (Women), Line of Succession to the British Throne, Universe of the Metroid Video Game, Jason Mewes, List of City Nicknames in the United States, and List of Unicode Characters.

From Cracked. com:

This is a comprehensive list of Jedi that, oddly enough, have never actually appeared in a Star Wars movie. Instead, the list includes any and every Jedi who was referenced, even in passing, in every Star Wars book, comic or video game. Right now, if you make up a Jedi and draw a picture of him on a napkin, you can bet he’ll end up on this list by tomorrow with a full back story and list of allergies.

Word Count: 24,801. That’s more words than Oedipus Rex (15,636).

Notable Excerpt:
“S’diawae was a famous Jedi Master who lived sometime between the Ruusan Reformation and the Separatist Crisis. During the Crisis, in order to boost patriotism and historical recognition, Biscuit Baron released commemorative holocubes of S’diawae in their QuickSnack and QuickSnackLite bundles.” It wasn’t written by George Lucas, but it’s so pointless and crazy, it’s close enough.

Why We Can Do Without It:
This is a warning: The more attention that gets paid to inconsequential members of the Star Wars universe, the more likely it is that George Lucas, spotting a possibility to make additional loads of money, will make yet another trilogy and, if history is any indication, it will be worse than its predecessor.

What We’d Rather Read:
A court order forbidding anyone from adding to, and thereby further ruining, the Star Wars franchise.

Read the entire list here:
The 8 Most Needlessly-Detailed Wikipedia Entries List



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