Wired Profiles “Robot Chicken”

Get a behind-the-scenes look at “Robot Chicken” with a special report from the Oct. 2007 issue of Wired magazine. Co-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, as well as the producers Corey Campodonico and Alex Bulkley of ShadowMachine Films, talk about the success of “Robot Chicken” — including their most recent Star Wars special.

From Wired.com:

Since its debut in 2005, Chicken has helped the cable channel set ratings records and has enjoyed brisk DVD sales. When the Palpatine snippet found its way onto YouTube last year, it generated more than a million views, creating a flock of new fans ā€” and eventually hatching a 30-minute Robot Chicken: Star Wars TV special.

With some 30 projects in development, Shadow Machine has expanded from a two-man operation to a staff of around 80. Green and Senreich’s production company, Stoopid Monkey, recently inked a two-picture deal with heavy hitters Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and ShadowMachine has signed on to handle production. “There’s a glut of CG right now, and they’re unique in the market place,” says Matthew Stein, senior VP of production at the Weinsteins’ Dimension Films, who developed the deal. “Who’s to say there’s not an opportunity for stop-motion on the big screen?”

Just ask George Lucas, who was so tickled after seeing the Palpatine sketch that he gave Robot Chicken rare carte blanche to craft a half-hour Star Wars parody. He even voiced his own plaid-shirted Mini-Me for one skit and hosted a screening of the special at Skywalker Ranch. “George got really complimentary,” Green recalls. “I leaned in and said, ā€˜I want to do two sequels and three prequels ā€” if you’re cool with it.'” And why not? As Lucas himself might put it: Today Coruscant. Tomorrow, the world.

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