Star Wars in License! magazine

Fans eager to read more about what’s in store with Lucas Books and Lucas Licensing should check out the latest issue of License! magazine for some interesting Star Wars-related features.

The Star Wars Phenomenon
The 30th anniversary of Star Wars is not only a milestone in the history of cinema and for Lucasfilm, but it also represents a milestone in the history of brand extensions and licensing.

More than Kids’ Play
The Star Wars toy business continues to attract consumers, even two years after the final movie was released.

Editor’s Note
It’s hard to believe that after 30 years some Star Wars aficionados still discuss the decision by filmmaker George Lucas in 1977 to make the first movie from the fourth episode in the so-called Known Galaxy. But it’s exactly this type of fan obsession and all the “what ifs” that have contributed to the popularity and longevity of the franchise as well as the growth and success of Lucasfilm.

A Publishing Empire
From high-end coffee-table books to scrapbooks for kids, Star Wars continues to live on in print.

A collectible limited-edition, six volume set, entitled Star Wars: Frames will debut in fall 2008. Overseen personally by George Lucas, and available exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles and limited to 950 numbered copies, the suggested retail will be $1,999 for each mammoth set.

What’s next for the Star Wars empire? Roeder says, “We’re looking at the ‘Legacy of the Forceful’ next year with the ninth book and we’re talking to Random House about what the next series will be.


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