Lower Manhattan Jedi Order?

(Illustration by Jessica Hische)

According to Wired magazine (Oct. 2007 issue), some New York-based Star Wars fans gather every week for Jedi training at a local dance studio, armed with customized lightsabers.

“The thing is, when you hold a lightsaber, you want to use it!” says General Sun as he flips the switch on his lightsaber. It powers up with the signature hum of voltage, like an electric razor on mescaline, and the tube radiates solid white. “So the new ones have the noise chip, and they’re thicker,” he says. “They’re made for dueling.” Behind him, the other customers glance nervously at the growing circle of swordsmen and their blades.

“The nerd element of being a Jedi is pretty obvious,” Cyran Oghma says. “We’re all huge nerds. But it’s more than that, more than Star Wars. If you base yourself on a character who has high personal ethics and a high level of skill and confidence, there is no way that’s not going to influence who you really are.”

Read the full article on Wired.com here:
A Jedi Order Establishes a New Temple — in Lower Manhattan

3 Responses to Lower Manhattan Jedi Order?

  1. kyle coppola says:

    Ugh. these dudes are the WORST — I’ve seen ’em up close. I can’t believe they’re allowed legally to call themselves NY Jedi.

  2. bonniegrrl says:

    I kinda wish I could start one for girls but do more like modern dance meets Jedi battle. So instead of Jazz Hands it’s Force Lightning!

  3. […] Gizmodo reports on a clip recently run at the ABC News site which reveals a Jedi Training-type class called the New York Jedi Academy (“NY Jedi”). We’d read about this in WIRED magazine a bit over a month ago and mentioned it in a report here. […]

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