“Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Content Round Up

Here’s a compendium of all the videos, images, audio, articles and interviews on starwars.com about “Family Guy: Blue Harvest.” Enjoy!

“Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Content:




6 Responses to “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Content Round Up

  1. clone124 says:

    Family Guy-Blue Harvest was great. It was so much like the original movie till they did their gags, and running into DR Who (Tom Baker) in Hyper Space was terrific. I also liked the way they had a reference to Robot Chicken at the end of the show. I hope they rerun (I mean encore performence) it soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know you’re getting desperate when you rely on parodies to keep up.

    Goddamnit, why can’t they announce novel news faster?

  3. turned off viewer says:

    When did it become cool and mainstream for a show to be so causal about pedophile jokes?

    I hate the Family Guy show and I find it hard to believe that Lucas wants to put his name behind crap like this.

  4. nob01 says:

    Well – here’s a show that has divided the nation…

    I’m on the side that loved it – so I guess I’m going to hell 🙂

  5. 1st Amendment Fan says:

    Yeah, it’s rude, offensive and inappropriate, so if you don like it then TURN THE DAMN CHANNEL.

    If you do like it, I agree. I wish that Adam West’s part had been extended a bit, but there were some really good jokes in there. The crack about the Death Star operators not having railing was simply classic, and when they were all in the trash compactor and Peter cracked a joke about Alderaan being gone I nearly pissed myself.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. quasilyon says:

    I have turned the “damn channel off”. Too bad more people don’t turn the damn channel off when its comes to parodies involving pedophiles.

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